A very refreshing brand update.

Founded in 2011 by three mates with a mutual love for beer, Cavalier Brewing are still independently owned and operated and proud of it!

Cavalier’s in-house branding and packaging solution saw them grow from one of Melbourne’s tiniest microbreweries to being a genuine contender in the burgeoning craft beer scene.



Cavalier Brown Ale Six Pack

A rapid increase in competition highlighted the need for something new that would stand out amongst the legions of other beers in the bottle shop fridge.

The research phase of the project included competitor analysis (and maybe a bit of tasting!) along with an in-depth shelf presence exercise that helped inform some of the design decisions made later in the process.


Backpack took the existing Knightshead graphic and gave it a fresh lease on life with a cleaner, more iconic appearance. The icon was then paired with the new ‘Cavalier Red’ housing device, designed to give the brandmark a timeless appearance and also to act as a beacon on the shelf.  

The new colour palette was expanded based on Cavalier’s core range of beers, and then utilised to create a suite of illustrative background graphics that form the basis of all packaging. 


Cavalier Brand Manual

A creative approach to the brand manual was taken featuring a twin set of coasters – one containing the brand standards and the other to rest your beer on whilst reading.

Our Cavalier brand manual ‘Brand over a Beer’ was selected as a finalist at the 2017 AGDA Awards.

“Branding is personal. People are passionate about what represents them as a company. This results in strong opinions, robust discussion and the occasional lost temper. As such, any brand refresh will be a trying experience for all – involving blood, sweat and tears. Tim drew on all his relationship management skills throughout the process, acting not only as a designer but also as marriage counsellor!

It’s said the camel is a horse designed by committee. Well, Backpack have given us the branding of our dreams – and it ain’t no camel. Thanks Tim!”

— Steve Martin, Co-Director, Cavalier Brewing

Cavalier Brand Manual
Cavalier Pale Ale Can