To brand an idea.

Alter Atlas isn’t your average Architecture firm. 

Director and Lead Architect, Steven Chu, spent his childhood living between communist Burma and the bustling city-state of Singapore. These experiences had a profound effect on his adult life and shaped the ideals that would eventually lead to the creation of Alter Atlas – a business on a mission to change the trajectory of the world for the better – using Architecture as the medium.




Alter Atlas Business Cards by Backpack

Steven’s favourite quote, taken from Robert Kennedy’s famous ‘Ripple of Hope’ speech, was used as a basis for the concept – a custom logotype with rippled serifs that gain momentum as you read. 

The stencil attributes of the logotype are a nod to the typography of Le Corbusier and an abstract reference to Steven’s early life under a military dictatorship. 

The process was a true collaboration between Alter Atlas and Backpack resulting in a restrained, deeply personal brand identity that both studios are very proud of.

“After more than 11 months of truly collaborative and exhaustive concept and design development, Backpack has unequivocally succeeded in turning our impossible brief into a graphic design outcome that authentically reflects our purpose and core values as a practice.

Heartfelt respect to Tim Hancock of Backpack for your integrity, openness to exploring ideas, curiosity to understand our practice, and a relentless commitment to doing things right and doing them properly.”

— Steven Chu, Director, Alter Atlas